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Curt Baggett laughs with CNN news anchors Randi Kaye and Victor Blackwell about signature and handwriting analysis!

CNN News asks about new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s signature. What does your handwriting tell everyone about YOU?




December 15th, 2012

            The Dallas chapter of the Military Order of Purple Hearts Club has about 300 members, limited to those who have suffered wounds in combat.  The MOPH has their annual fundraising dinner to collect funds to help other Veterans who are in need on December 15, 2012.  Over 200,000 veterans have benefited from MOPH to date, plus MOPH also helps disadvantaged children and often helps Vets by presenting Veteran claims to courts.  Call Vice Commander Bill McMaster at 972-273-0286 or Adjutant Paul Reed at 214-265-1433 to make contributions.

            Curt Baggett is a nationally known public speaker and the number one handwriting expert in the USA for the last 15 years.  Curt is the only Handwriting Expert in the USA who has examined documents and/or testified in every state in the United States and over a dozen foreign countries.  Curt is accustomed to being number one wherever he performs.  He was the number one sales manager in the USA as a young man with Johnson Wax (S.C. Johnson and Son).  Curt was the number one sales manager in the USA with IDS (tax shelters, mutual funds, insurance).  Curt was President of Atlantis Utilities, Inc., Optic Measurements, Inc. and Success Concepts International.  Curt was even the President of his high school student body, once taught school and was a high school guidance counselor.  He has advanced postgraduate studies in psychology at the University of Houston.  Curt Baggett was Dean of the International School of Forensic Document Examination at Handwriting University for five years.

            Curt is a current member of the MOWW, Miltary Order of World Wars, VFW, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Sheriffs Association of Texas, Texas Police Association of Texas, American College of Forensic Examiners International, Forensic Expert Witness Association, National Questioned Document Association, Center for Forensic Profiling, IMS Expert Services, and World Federation of Handwriting Experts.

            At the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas, on December 15, 2012, at the annual MOPH meeting, Curt will speak briefly at the on “How to Enlarge Your Brain and Walk a Straight Line” and lecture on How to Spot a Forgery (which happens to be a title to one of the books Curt has authored), and how to analyze your wife’s handwriting (husbands too).  Curt says he will to motivate, educate and entertain the veterans.

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Case: In the Estate of Minnie Ola Kremer
Court: Ninth Court of Appeals – Beaumont

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